Temporal Chaos

by TCP (Temporal Chaos Project)

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After a prolonged five year episode of life-gets-in-the-way, TCP enthusiastically comes back with their third release, Temporal Chaos, an album filled with the band’s unmistakable penchant for drama, twisted melodies, double-meaning lyrics, and the marriage of old and new. Opening with the edgy but strangely addictive Torn Apart and culminating in the epic In the Flame, could this be TCP’s best effort yet?


"Everything I was hoping for and more is here. Get this album and enjoy one of prog’s most innovative bands." - The Progressive Aspect (UK), Mark Johnson

“..with technical passages near King Crimson or Spock's Beard, but the whole remains close to the great Genesis, Pink Floyd or IQ! A progressive album par excellence that everyone must listen to! In the same spirit as the best work of Cyril or Mystery, this [album] is another precious essential!" - Music in Belgium (BE) 4.5 of 5 stars

"...the compositions will appeal to old and new fans of progressive rock. A progressive album par excellence that everyone must listen to...TCP again offers an excellent album to rank in my top 10." - Profil (CA) Rating: 9.2 of 10

“A good song is a good song and this album has the songs. If you’re tired of prog rock becoming stale, TCP is well worth checking out.” - Progressive Rock Planet (US), Rating: 8 of 10

“Intriguing, against-the-grain, sultry, and unexpected are the keywords...Highly recommended” - Progwereld (NL)

"In truth, TCP is among the most contemporary of American progressive acts....Its sound is edgy, dark, complex and - most essentially - richly satisfying." - Progression Magazine (US), Issue #70


released July 12, 2016

Henry Tarnecky (vocals, keyboards)
Blake Tobias (bass, keyboards)
Jack Wright (guitars, drums)
Glenn Arpino (keyboards)

Special Guests:
Nicole Tarnecky (vocals on tracks 3,4,5,6)
Tom Shiben (bass on track 5)


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TCP (Temporal Chaos Project)

An American progressive band since 2008. Please see our website for more detailed information.

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Track Name: Torn Apart 1000 Sparks
i can’t sleep
tossing night to night
dreams repeat… nothing new survives
at your feet
torn apart 1000 sparks go free

what I think
matters numb the mind
where’s the link
merging light divine
out of sync
torn apart 1000 sparks ignite like stars in me… yea… yea!

on the brink
living out the time
false rethink
where the purpose lies
torn apart 1000 sparks go free… with ease!
Track Name: Forest of Lovelies
tightening in my face… is that all important road
tightening round my legs… is that all important road
as i drift away… fall away… slip away… run away

how long did i wait… for the all important road
how can i keep pace… on the all important road
if i drift away… fall away… slip away… run away

if you’ve got time for the forest of lovelys where cocaine meets coffee and the cigarette butt
i don’t mean maybe… i don’t mean just listen to… i mean just get there and be there with us

nod if you’re going… with calm simple knowing… smile if you feel it… resolve if you don’t

show me… tell me… about the forest of lovelys… help me show me to get there
lead me believing… in the forest i’m dreaming… steering… pushing through the air
living… crying… in the forest i’m trying… tempt me… with the passion to get there

if you’ve got time for the forest of lovelys with real deal compassion and childlike trust
travel with patience don’t tire of rotations devised repetitions to see what you’ve got
world in vibration perceptions sensations where everything seems to be something it’s not

tightening in my face is that all important road
tightening round my legs is that all important road
as i drift away… fall away… slip away… run away

how long will it take… on the all important road
how to keep the faith… on the all important road
if i drift away… fall away… slip away… run away
Track Name: Impetus
what drives you hard and rolls you out of bed
what takes your breath away she gently said… impetus
the worm will turn and you’ll be back again
just when that thought occurs you reach the end

stoic in the morning mist
birds await their sustenance
little house along the shore
beautiful with yellow door

boats a sleeping in their slips
rising comes the sun to kiss
all of this what was before
every human knows there’s more

oh… here it comes again
oh… down from deep within impetus… impetus

my eyes mesmerized... as all these things keep happening
you spark a smile surprise... devise and lead these geared events to be
i’m on my knees

what’s building up inside… it’s all begun… to feel so right
a flash of elohim… to bridge the everlasting spirit sea
so we can meet

eyes… true…
to you alone…
relax… relax your mind… you’re free… I’m inside… oooohooo

i come to crystallize… the thoughts that run behind your eyes
truly consuming
the power lies inside… the more you want the less you find
so just relax and think as you breathe… you’re free
my light is always on… the shutters close when you have gone….
doing… not concentrating in peace

how tell… where you are among the stars
you dawn from far beyond and heretofore you give me more
is there enough to alter one soul
reveal everything… your tapestry of subtleties
you have it all… some troublesome… some wonderful

i trust whenever you come… words will flow through me
i must deliver myself… sublime will take me deeper


what drives you hard and rolls you out of bed
just when that thought occurs you reach the end
Track Name: The Forces
just say it… it’s easy… you know it… you know it
i wonder… how pleasing… the world is you covet
oh when the forces come… to complicate the love we made before
how could you shut the door

i made it… so crazy
you know it… you know it
i’m over… the meaning… the weight of... the moment
oh when the forces come… it’s hard to change… to rearrange it all
why should I tell you more

her love was like money… so easy to take
in a garden like “eden”… and i was the snake
wait… for that someone to break you
take… more than others can give

let me take another look at you
saturday I tried to lick the wounds
let me take another look at you
nothing left for me to win or lose
till the day i’m gonna pick and choose
let me take another look into
when and if I ever live with you

can we talk about the forces… before we start the wars?

where does the essence go
when will we ever know
lovers are only as good as they are
when they feel it’s right
lover can you sleep at night
lady you’re lonely I know that you are
scared inside
there… you hide
Track Name: Chrysalis
what you know is what you see… to get a glimpse of what could be
just try to love me as i am
the night is chill and long to walk… i’d rather sit in silent talk… with you
inside my shell protections on… i have to leave to go beyond
just try to love me as you can
electric days… the cosmic way… bring me to you

yea… you see me as I am
connected notions… in dream slow motion

my wings will harden soon
i’ll fly beneath your moon

and may devotion… like one big ocean
gold then blue… deep and true… bring me to you

come on look see me now… I stand unraveled know my flit thru time is shallow by design somehow
yea… lead me by the sun yea… billions go and come

kingdom come… by scent i follow in the end there’s no tomorrow take us one by one
yea… bring me by the sun yea… say the journeys done… yea… billions go and come… come… come
Track Name: Fantasize/Into the Blue
can you stop your heart… if you want to
take control of your breath… can you undue
and fantasize
keep it there in the air… what you’re thinking
better still… just refill… what you’re drinking
and fantasize me
it’s a fait accompli… yea... yea
i want you in deep
you can stop it all if you want to
and fantasize me

paradise is nice… it could come too
but ya gotta get down… what you won’t do
and fantasize me… it’s a fait accompli… yea… yea
i want you so deep
you can hit the wall if you want to… or fantasize me

my head is screaming like a demon what’s the reason I’m emotive in this vortex to you
there’s counter swirling as this tempest is unfurling yet i smile sublime so new

i can feel your warmth… your core… essentially the force you are
press your face… revive… reform… the subtleties that turn you on

you can stop the world if you want to
you can have it all if you undo... yea... yea
you can have it all
why… take… so… much… time… to relate… oh my
can’t wait… too long… step to the plate… zing zong
taste this… tongue cat… I’m in to you… don’t look at that… inside outside… i feel addicted but nothing’s wrong

lady you lay beside me… my feelings rush through the air
when we touch… oh so much… moves through us... oh-eee-oh
the world could be turning slowly… the world could be moving fast… I want to forever show you… how you get all you can… from my heart… when we part… time must stop... for us

years how they pass us by
tears how they cleanse our lives
god knows i fantasize
leadings with you in the blue
here as I raise my eyes
god knows I fantasize
please when i sacrifice
keep me in paradise

into the blue
Track Name: Third Eye Limited
some people think that they… are invincible
somebody say that you… have no principles… nothing to believe… within

don’t say much ha love… it’s all in the touch child
need no reasons… waiting for you is enough
come into me… so soon there will be seismic completion
make no worry that you cannot see how this ends
soul liberty the will to perceive is third eye limited… oh oh
succumb to the world… of light

somebody say that you… have no principles
some people think that they… are invincible
Track Name: In the Flame
she wandered away before… i lost all I had and more
her hunger for life her creed
she willed her own destiny… in the flame
she told me our love was real… but left me so cold
i wanted to keep her near
but she knew that…
we went through that… in the flame

suffer the world … suffer the pain… after this winter… I may never love again
said she loved me once… but now there’s something else
how to place my bet… it’s hard for me to tell

withering winds… saddening rains… gather my own intent… i’m alive and here I am
never forget her touch… and how she looked at me
how could she know so much… was never meant to be… oh yea!

whose life… it’s yours or mine… what truth is ours to find
can i ever let this go… in another time i hope
who knows the wrong and right… what turns the dark to light
i don’t know the road I’m on… is my sense of balance gone?

walking in a field alone discover
only what a fool could see
wonder will it be this way forever
surely love was meant to be… meant to be
meant for me

the rain keeps falling down… the forces all around… are sensitizing me
i can feel your worry from a distance
i want to comfort and complete… your memory of me
i want to satisfy your need

i will cover you… i will cover you
i will wrap my arms around you … you will never feel the cold
if you let my heart inside too… you will never be alone
like a spinning top i will never stop… defying what is known
i will cover you… i will cover you

from the water’s edge to the mountain ledge
i will play my part and protect your heart
if your soul desires i will quench the fires… i will cover you
i will be there till the end
loving you… no matter what you do
tell me to… and i’ll cover you

it’s alright… it’s alright
it’s alright child, it’s alright to say you’re down
when the winds of fortune blow your life around
and the longing that you feel is so confounding
‘cause you thought your will was steeled

surrender… no more pretender… open yourself to me
shake up… come on and wake up… before the world deceives

it’s a very fine line you come to… can you cross
without the heart fulfilled the soul is lost
can you feel my eyes upon you… i’ll be waiting in the flame
waiting… waiting in the flame
i’ll be waiting in the flame

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