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it’s a very fine line you come to… can you cross
without the heart fulfilled the soul is lost


she wandered away before… i lost all I had and more
her hunger for life her creed
she willed her own destiny… in the flame
she told me our love was real… but left me so cold
i wanted to keep her near
but she knew that…
we went through that… in the flame

suffer the world … suffer the pain… after this winter… I may never love again
said she loved me once… but now there’s something else
how to place my bet… it’s hard for me to tell

withering winds… saddening rains… gather my own intent… i’m alive and here I am
never forget her touch… and how she looked at me
how could she know so much… was never meant to be… oh yea!

whose life… it’s yours or mine… what truth is ours to find
can i ever let this go… in another time i hope
who knows the wrong and right… what turns the dark to light
i don’t know the road I’m on… is my sense of balance gone?

walking in a field alone discover
only what a fool could see
wonder will it be this way forever
surely love was meant to be… meant to be
meant for me

the rain keeps falling down… the forces all around… are sensitizing me
i can feel your worry from a distance
i want to comfort and complete… your memory of me
i want to satisfy your need

i will cover you… i will cover you
i will wrap my arms around you … you will never feel the cold
if you let my heart inside too… you will never be alone
like a spinning top i will never stop… defying what is known
i will cover you… i will cover you

from the water’s edge to the mountain ledge
i will play my part and protect your heart
if your soul desires i will quench the fires… i will cover you
i will be there till the end
loving you… no matter what you do
tell me to… and i’ll cover you

it’s alright… it’s alright
it’s alright child, it’s alright to say you’re down
when the winds of fortune blow your life around
and the longing that you feel is so confounding
‘cause you thought your will was steeled

surrender… no more pretender… open yourself to me
shake up… come on and wake up… before the world deceives

it’s a very fine line you come to… can you cross
without the heart fulfilled the soul is lost
can you feel my eyes upon you… i’ll be waiting in the flame
waiting… waiting in the flame
i’ll be waiting in the flame


from Temporal Chaos, released July 12, 2016



all rights reserved


TCP (Temporal Chaos Project)

An American progressive band since 2008. Please see our website for more detailed information.

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