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geez… where the hell am i! you can never know how your life will go try to remember that you’re not the only one stuck on this planet my son seize… every single day! you can never know how your life will go here for a moment than off you go again floating in spirit my friend de…light in what you do! you can never know how this life will go will you keep your job… wear the same façade you can never know… how your love will go will you find the one… love until it’s done? your conversations… can go on for hours… nothing is said just cold opinion… no ground is given… typically then you relive everything… swallow those ills again… mess up your head how can you sleep… find inner peace… with anger looming there turbulent dreams… stop if you think… somebody cares seek the solution… soul evolution… until you do you won’t are you still there? where are you now! you can never really know how this life will go you can never really know so let it roll… let it roll child and save your rockin soul you can never really know… so let it roll….. child… roll… child roll! can you feel it… can you feel your rockin soul can you see it… can you see what others don’t you can never really know how this life will go!
though once a slithered form i stand erect transformed to ask this question at your ease my blood once cold now warm my altered self reborn what kind of human can i be this shape you’ve taken is forbidden your changeling trick cannot succeed you must begin with what you’re given is how its been and has to be look for high secret inner visions words scribed in rock in code in these to get to where the heart is hidden behold, the truth can set you free to dream... believe...reach... deep... to see... that we... can lift ourselves i wish you well my shape shift soul device at will can change entice... take human form to seek advance how to proceed from here... what comes if what we fear... allies gets fortified inside het hey hut i must abandon this like human form with power twist snake eyes can realize naga cut your serpent ties shed it.. shed it skin.. shed it.. shed it skin.. shed it shed it.. you won’t regret it no you gotta vet the self and shed it then forget it come on and let it go the alter ego tomorrow can... chi chi chi change all the world up on my head has made me who i am a vagabond a friend to you all the days and all the nights i work my way to you to you by design though serpentine before this life is through it’s all that I could do... to be... like you believe me... receive me... for who I am. transcend oh so far and yet so near i’m me, i’m me, i’m who i am i’m me, i’m free... myself again believe me.. receive me.. for who I am! i’m me
You’re the weight on this world mankind You’re a dominant force in time Can you see what you do It can happen to you Your extinction if matters unwind Mankind When your cannons of war all align And your blood is free flowing like wine Can you stop what you do? Is your nature so cruel? To the heavens ya look for a sign If the children are taught wrong from right On a planet so blue do not fight Could the lives that they choose Free will that they use Fashion a world more divine? Mankind…mankind! Emanating mass karma and fear But you’re more then just animals here Die when you do The spirit of you Passes beyond earthly tears In your darkness the sun wants to shine Let the light in your souls be defined By the deeds that you do And your governments too Cause your future's a matter of ….mind all the children in this world today Brothers sisters of mankind If the good inside ya leads the way There can be a better time
see your reflection ask yourself if that tv reason... that stuff you feed on makes ya.... follow their mantra to believe... happily show... me... what you’ve been reading what’s... your... brain food today try... to... be one and only just... to... be that one sheep gone astray sheep... love to gather when...there’s a leader then... they feel safe we... will decide for you... fill the time for you... be your friend we will do everything... just lay back don’t think... it’s okay sleep... counting sheep will do... close your eyes 1-2-3-4 sleep be your convictions turn yourself from that TV fiction... that stuff you tune in takes ya... away from your reality, honestly show... me... what you’ve been reading what’s... your... brain food today try... to... be one and only just... to... be that black sheep gone astray
he’s a modern man who lost his calling when the year began he felt like steel now he’s sinking fast it’s quite appalling in a desperate gasp he cry’s I’m here Ooh you love him… ooh ya do Ooh you love him… cause he’s like you he use to dream a lot got started good … then lost the heart and then one day….the heart departs he tumbles down in a hole … he can’t resolve how to live God… forbid! he grinds he grinds his brain is mash potato psychotic elevated he got no better than a 50/50 chance condition aggravated contortion nerve related his hand is fisted for a monumental smash he grinds he grinds! he’s a modern man who lost his feeling in a circumstance assumed insane now the die is cast and time keeps dealing to forget the past he hides the pain if the god in man can spark a healing in a blinding flash his life could change
right in front of me starry galaxy every scene that’s ever been source of knowledge bliss emanating disk from the beam projects the dream souls reflected long ago have shaped the modern world we know art - discoveries philosophic seeds still debating where it goes books of science… plays performed upon the stage from man’s injustice few were saved…hey roll the stone away live another day save the future from the past of Alexandria maid Hypatia now they say… your life your works were burned in flames ….in vain! she was a mathematician a conic form magician.. taught in a male domain when christians clashed with pagan thought came her tragic end the last to work the library with esteem…oh to see her beauty then…. ah… ah! astronomer… philosopher…did thoughts occur?… your precious words… your life on earth… could… would… not… be… revoked in vain!
chains can not hold me… though binding the flesh as was before my heart was blessed inside these walls… time runs slow will martyrdom… release my soul … to her stark… the stench… intense a dungeon hell no pretense fix my will and pray i… will not waste here away jailed my cause unjust so said the lords among us dared by freedom’s taste i lie here cold in hunger, awake dissident in agony… a dream diverts my mind suddenly imagining… her body next to mine she comes… inviting she comes… exciting she comes… like lightning… she comes (instrumental break) SHE i love her very very much and conjure visions that we touch imprisonment insanity so goes this tragedy for me scenes pass… dreams fade… a cold reality remains hopeless… too late… to wonder what she’d say oh girl… what if… i hold you … and keep you laughing oh girl… what if… i told you … love’s everlasting when occasions come that i don’t understand that i can’t comprehend i lift my gaze to her appealing… one glimpse supplies my mortal need then i think upon the beauty in her face… the wonder of her grace i hope she’s waiting…. where fate is saving… a space divine should i go free oh… does she see me… like… i see her no… say her eyes in sympathy … down in me deep she can conceive a blade of light… cut through the cracks…and illumine herself she was the only love can be lonely how can i learn to live this way chains can not hold me time may disown me why should i breath another day to live and then to die the heart unsatisfied when will this ever end i fear i laugh and then i cry the spark inside the eye holds me inside this lucid dream she was the only one that could show me love can go on beyond this sphere…. she comes oh lord she comes yea… she comes she comes… she comes to comfort me… she she is my light
winds of worry blowing strong the nights are cold the hours long ya try to shed some light upon this place the news reports are dark and blue it’s clear this world is not for you just try and keep a smile upon your face….okay are we, are we really on the quest for light to shine upon….us…. your free will is… all you have to lift the veil and go beyond yourself feel the peace of deep commune you and i confide but must alone find the course… and stay the way one day samadhi you’re out of the body and well on your way how does it feel when the light is revealed i can’t say you gotta be tough and strong and stay on the way if you awake in a place void of matter wait for me there you gotta be tough and strong and stay on the way if you get where opal light shines the brightest wait for me there are we are we really on the quest for light to shine upon….us how are we to know?


Totaling over 70 minutes, the eleven tracks that make up TCP's debut release, The Way, showcases the band's dynamic blend of dark, melodic vocals with extended instrumental interplay as layers of soaring guitar and keyboard passages lock into a solid foundation of shifting and complex rhythms.

“..the voice of Tarnecky is an incredible feature. Fans of progressive? ...jump on this album without hesitation!”
- Jean-Pierre Lhoir, Music in Belgium (May 05, 2009)

“I can't believe that the Genesis discussion boards aren't buzzing about TCP and "The Way."...best of all, the material and musicianship are top drawer! Highly recommended!”
- Michael Pennington, Sea of Tranquility - US (Apr 30, 2008)

“Progressive Band and Album of the Month, May 2009”
- Carlos Vaz, Prog Rock & Prog Metal - Brasil (May 21, 2009)

"The album deserves a ranking in the "World Ten", and TCP most certainly deserves your attention..."
- Markwin Meeuws, Progwereld (Netherlands) (Jul 21, 2009)

“If The Light, by Spock's Beard (1995) only vaguely predicted the incredible career which followed, The Way, by its force and its coherence, embraces these incredible hopes.”
- Christophe Gigon, Progressia (France) (Jul 01, 2009)


released May 19, 2009

Henry Tarnecky (vocals, keyboards)
Blake Tobias (bass, keyboards)
Jack Wright (guitars, drums)

Special Guests
Glenn Arpino (mellotron on Sheep)
Gary Carciello (lead gtr on track 3, rhythm gtr on She)
Ange DiGeronimo- (drums on tracks 2, 11)
Tom Shiben - (bass on tracks 1, 4)
Desiree Stisi - (backup vocal on Mankind)
Reid Tobias - (bass on Sheep)


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TCP (Temporal Chaos Project)

An American progressive band since 2008. Please see our website for more detailed information.

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